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Special Education


Gifted Programming


Bandelier Elementary


The future belongs to those

who believe

In the beauty of

their dreams.

                  -Eleanor Roosevelt-






In the state of New Mexico a “gifted child” is defined as a school-age person whose intellectual ability is paired with subject matter aptitude/achievement, creativity/divergent thinking, or problem-solving/critical thinking. “Intellectual ability” means a score two standard deviations above the mean. After a child is identified as gifted by the Student Assistance Team (SAT) Team process or by a private evaluation, an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is scheduled.

During the IEP testing is reviewed which helps develop an educational plan individualized for your child.


Grades K, 1, 2  Enrichment


Enriched and integrated classroom activities are designed to enhance creativity and problem-solving without being specifically tied to any one subject area. Students are encouraged to reflect on themselves through the gifted strands so they pursue their own interests, have quality discussions with peers, and succeed in any endeavor they try in the future. 

Enrichment meets 4 times a week for 45 minutes. lightbulb.png

Grades 3,4,5  Language Arts

If your child qualified in Language Arts at the initial gifted testing, your child can receive gifted services in this area.  Also, if your child’s intellectual ability was paired only with creativity or critical thinking skills then Language Arts gifted classes are the best option since the enrichment portion of the program develops and enhances creativity and critical thinking.

Direct instruction in Language Arts is from a teacher who specializes in teaching gifted children with curriculum that incorporates Common Core standards along with Gifted Standards. Currently gifted Language Arts meets 4 times a week for 90 minutes.  Monday-Thursday. 5th grade language arts meets 5 times a week for 90 minutes.

Grades 3,4,5  Math

If your child qualified in Math at the initial testing, your child can receive gifted services in this area. Gifted Math classes offer children the opportunity to work with a curriculum that incorporates Common Core Standards at their grade level and above. Independent studies and other enrichment activities are given, along with a focus on critical thinking and problem solving. Math meets 5 days a week for 90 minutes except 5th grade that meets 4 times a week.



If your child qualifies for language arts and math and shows need, your child may receive services for both content areas.

Differentiated Instruction

Along with an awesome gifted program our general education classrooms are key to the success of our gifted students. The  differentiation within the general education classrooms is amazing. Teachers instinctively recognize student differences in academic needs and learning styles. They meet the needs of our gifted population by providing independent studies and flexibly arrange reading or math groups, and adjusting curriculum (among other accommodations). However, if there is a need to provide more extension, gifted teachers can collaborate to provide independent studies, or differentiated homework to be completed in the general ed classroom

Gifted Strands

We incorporate eight research-based strands, which are identified as necessary for effective gifted education integrated with Common Core Standards into our program.



• Preferred Learning, Behavioral and Management Styles

• Personal Responsibility


• Leadership

• Cooperation and Teamwork

• Presentation of Self


• Critical Thinking

• Decision Making

• Problem Solving

• Logic



• Apply fluency, flexibility, and risk taking

• Art Experience


• Career Exploration

• Wide Range of Interests

• Community Awareness

• Global Awareness


• Oral and Written Skills


• Life long learner


• Academically productive


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3309 Pershing Street SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

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If you would like to know more information about the special education program, visit the district Special Education webpage.